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8 different types of Berets you should explore to have a unique style

Beret hats are round-shaped and loosely fitted hats that are surrounded by pinches. In some designs, a small tail is added to the crown. Beret Caps Manufacture in India manufacture many Beret caps as per the latest fashion styles.

Beret Caps in Ludhiana not only served  berets as a fashion accessory but also a significant part of the uniform of the armed forces. These hats bring out the style and voguish sense of the wearer as no other caps does.

Different styles of beret hats:

  • French Style Beret: It is the oldest and original style of Berets that originated in France and Spain during the 19th century. French people consider it as an identity. Thus, it is worn on most French commemoration days and national holidays. These are always in fashion. French masses also wore these hats to save themself from winter and snowfall because they are made from wool.
  • Leather Beret Cap: It is made from a particular fabric called Laux. It has a tailor and buckle closure at the rim with solid colors. Its shape is very similar to the newsboy hats that are stitched in the different layers such as 6-sliced pizza. These are casually worn with jeans and other casual apparel.
  • Wool Beret Cap: Wool Berets are made with wool or suede fabric. These berets have Flat Top Beret shape or a French Beret shape. Wool Berets can range from solid colors with decorative accessories such as buttons, laces, printed patterns, sparkle embroideries, etc. It provides a distinct look to the people.
  • Cashmere Beret: It is made from Pashmina Goats Soft and Cashmere. These are uniquely designed to provide a formal look to the wearer. These are pastel and sober in color.
  • Mohair Beret Caps: It is a recent development of the Beret community that was first manufactured in Poland in 2004. These seems as solidarity with the Polish Conservative-nationalistic Catholic movement. These caps are made with a particular type of yarn from the Angora goat. Both genders prefer these to look stunning in society.
  • Straw Beret: Cap: These are mainly designed for the summer seasons. Due to its manufacturing of straw, it is lightweight and breathable, protecting from hot weather. Masses usually wear these caps while going to beaches. These caps cooled the head from solid sunshine during summers.
  • Tam Beret Cap: Tam Beret is the combination of a beret and military cap. These have been popular since 1920. These hats are also called regional variant berets. It is formed with Scottish wool and pompom.
  • Fur Beret: It is made from sheep and rabbits’ fur and several synthetic fibers and corduroy material. These are worn in winter to protect the human head from the snow and cold.

Khullar International India is a beret manufacturing company where all types of berets are stitched. We also export to foriegn countries. If you want to wear a new and stylish beret. Contact us.


Larimar is a rare sea blue color gemstone. Found only in Dominican Republic of the Carribean, it is a variety of Pectolite.

1. Its appearance varies from being translucent to transparent and has a silk-like texture.

2. The gemstone is associated with the elements of both Air and Water. It is a symbol of harmony between thoughts and emotions and helps in developing psychic abilities.

3. It has a very striking blue color and is also named as “The Blue Stone of Atlantis”.

Larimar has soothing qualities and is therefore used by many practitioners for treating emotional and mental issues.