List Of Indian Dishes That You Should Order From A Restaurant

Indian food infographic

Indian food is one of the most sumptuous cuisines that helps you maintain a balanced diet; as it contains different tastes and varieties of ingredients, you would easily find many of them with nutritional components. But getting that healthy meal in an Indian restaurant in Quakers Hill seems like a farfetched idea to many of them. I mean, it is normal to think that restaurants are going to serve food items that are rich and are very unhealthy, in fact.

Today in this article, we will help you order some of the delicious and healthy food items from an Indian restaurant next time you think of visiting.

We have a bunch of items in a list of what you should skip and what you should order. And do not worry, the things that you would be served would not in any way compromise on the taste and flavors. After all, we are talking about Indian Cuisine.

What To Order And What To Skip In An Indian restaurant

  • Order: Dal (lentils)

You know what? You can order from an Indian Restaurant in London to maintain your health and live a better life. Dal, which are lentils soup and is perfectly balanced with nutritional value. The spices added in the dal, like turmeric, are a great source of antioxidants and antibiotics which are excellent for your body. The small tiny beans are packed with folate, vitamin B6, protein, and fiber. Pro tip: choose dal, which has a simple preparation like a tomato base rather than a creamy one to cut down more on the fat and calories.

  • Skip: Naan

Naan is an exceptionally wonderful side dish that is accompanied by the main course. But if we do count its nutritional value, it will lack a lot. Teh ingredients that are used in the making of naan include sugar, refined flour, and oil. All these items are not suitable for your health and should be avoided if you are indulging in a better lifestyle. Pro tip: you can eat it once in a while to quench your carving.

  • Order: Tandoori Paneer

Instead of opting for some oily items for entrees, you can choose tandoori proteins, which include paneer in it for vegetarians. It is a perfect way to eat a delicious meal without worrying about the added calories. They are grilled items infused with so many spices that it is packed with a scrumptious taste.

  • Skip: Pakoras or Samosa

This is what I was talking about when I mentioned oily appetizers. Samosa, no doubt one of the O.G dishes in Indian restaurants, is a deep-fried item that is not good for your cholesterol. So if you want to prevent your heart from having any diseases, it would be wise to skip for a healthier option.

  • Order: Chana Masala

Are you carving teh desi Indian masala but are wary about the unwanted calories? Then choose chana masala, which is made of chickpeas and is an excellent source of protein and fiber. The masala would not let you miss the authenticity of Indian dishes while also maintaining its health benefits.

For All Intents And Purposes

So what are you waiting for? Order now from Mumbai Maska and enjoy each morsel without worrying about the unhealthy components.