Everything you need to know about pineal cysts and the benefit of endoscopy


Are you struggling with any type of neuro-related problem? 

If you have stumbled upon this blog, it’s your sign to take the right care immediately. Putting your health in the backseat is going to be troublesome to you in the future. Just make sure to schedule your initial consultation with one of the Best Neurologist in Ludhiana to know better what is right for your neuro health. One of the neuro-related conditions is pineal cysts, which I will talk about thoroughly in this blog.

Pineal cysts

Pineal cysts occur in the pineal gland, and the entire space is filled with fluid. The pineal gland’s location is the brain center,, and its main function is to help in the sleep-wake cycle. It works with the sleep-wake cycle hormones to make it all better. It’s important to understand the presence of these cysts is not considered cancerous or malignant.

What are the symptoms of pineal cysts?

The symptoms of pineal cysts are usually not noticed, but their understanding is not that easy when it occurs. Some of the most common symptoms of pineal cysts are:

  • Headache
  • Eye movement problem
  • Vision disruption
  • Hydrocephalus (fluid get’s back up in the brain)

How much is the prevalence rate of pineal cysts?

As per the current state, pineal cysts are common, and the prevalence rate accounts for 1% to 5% of the population.

How are pineal cysts ruled out?

The best way to do so is to perform an MRI, and it needs to be repeated with IV (Intravenous Contrast) dye to see whether there is a pineal tumor or not.

Can pineal cysts be treated through surgery?

Well, not every pineal cyst requires surgery. If pineal cysts are found through the MRI by chance, then treatment is started on time before the condition worsens. Usually, the surgery is not needed if the presence of the cyst is not larger than 2cm. Although, if the MRI shows there’s local pressure on any nerve, then it’s imperative to plan for proper treatment to make sure the condition doesn’t worsen. At times. There are vision-related, and eye movement problems noticed in the patients. If you have those signs, then make sure to rule out that cyst diagnosis is making it troublesome for you.

Endoscopy is a great choice for pineal cyst

When the neurosurgeon diagnoses your condition and understands the issue, everything is determined accordingly. Usually, the endoscope is great for patients with a pineal cyst to better understand the issue and how everything needs to be done.

Are you diagnosed with a pineal cyst? Are you having difficulty understanding what treatment to get?

Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Jhawar to know how the situation can be dealt with. Under the medical expertise, it makes it all easier to know which treatment to get and what to do to make sure brain health is fine. Just make sure that you do not delay the situation.