Summer Or Winter: The Perfect Weather For Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery helps individuals restore the hair loss they have experienced. It is not an easy decision, but one that would help them flourish in their life. This brings the question of when the perfect timing for hair transplant surgery would be summer or winter?

You can opt for hair transplant surgery no matter what the season is! The perfect Hair Transplant in Punjab is when you are mentally, financially, emotionally, and physically fit. You should have enough time in your pocket to take care of yourself. Anyone who is ready can go for a hair transplant procedure without noticing the weather.

Hair Transplant Surgery In Summer Season

According to a study, the regeneration of the skin increases in the summer, and along with that, the growth of the hair also sees a hike in the summer season. After the Hair Transplant in Vizag, it is vital for an individual to protect the affected area from any redness or minor crusting from the UV rays that are projected. If you decide to undergo hair transplant surgery in the summer, it is very necessary for you to avoid swimming and sunlight for at least ten days. You can resume swimming afterward with no complications, but you have to be precautious when the sunlight is directly exposed. Apart from that, wearing sweaters also has an impact on the acceleration of wound healing.

It will take around three to four months for the hair to grow to its potential fully. Right after the intervention of hair transplant surgery in the summer, you can go for the brand-new image and the desired hairstyles. As per the studies and the outcomes, there is no harm in undergoing hair transplant surgery right in the summer as long as you follow all the instructions given by the doctor about the postoperative period.

Hair Transplant Surgery In The Winter Season

Are you deciding to go for a hair transplant surgery in the winter? If yes, then we strongly advise you not to wear hats to protect yourself from the cold. It is crucial to think about the healing process when you are opting for a hair transplant surgery in the winter season. If you have enough time to have a proper healing session, you can select winter for the hair transplant surgery.

The Hair Transplant Cost in summer and winter would be the same; the factors that impact the cost are the underlying condition for your hair fall, the qualification of the doctor, and the reputation of the clinic.

We do not advise you to undergo hair transplant surgery during the period when you are extremely busy, as you would require a healing time. Take a few days off from the daily work schedule. You will also be requested to stay away from direct sunlight even in the winter season so as not to cause any complications in the hair restoration. You should also confirm all the details and instructions from your doctor beforehand.

Final Comments

ASG Hair Transplant helps you regrow hair with the help of a hair transplantation procedure. A safe and secure process that ensures you a good result with no complications. Book your appointment now and enjoy healthy hair.