The different kinds of fertility specialists who allow you to get pregnant

fertility specialists

IVF (In-Vitro Fertilisation) is a technique used to conceive a female baby egg into a glass tube and male sperm. This technique is a boon for ladies who do not become mothers due to some pregnancy complications. You can visit one of the best Test Tube Baby Centre In Punjab to deal with infertility issues.

Moreover, the top rated IVF Centre in Punjab has the latest technology equipment to perform this process. Several people get positive results from this process and become and fulfil their dream of becoming parents.

Different types of doctors who deal with fertility only

  • Andrologists: These types of doctors mainly deal with the men fraternity problems and along with reproductive endocrinologists. These are also called urologists. Andrologists check the low or absent sperm counts in a male reproductive system. They also used testicular biopsy to extract sperm in males. Additionally, they treat dysfunction, reproductive infections, undescended tests, testicular torsion, etc.
  • Reproductive Endocrinologists: These doctors are specialists in male and female reproductive systems. These are also called gynecologists. They play a significant role during IVF and IUI treatments. They manage the whole process of carrying out sperm and how to store it in tubes and further procedures. Apart from this, Reproductive Endocrinologists also deal with cancer patients and guide them with the whole process of baby conceiving with proper fertility preservation.
  • Reproductive Immunologists: These specialists have profound information about reproductive medications and immunology. They mainly deal with the issues of miscarriage, IVF failure, unexplained infertility, etcetera. Individuals can also visit them to solve their autoimmune and endometriosis ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. They are also considered the scientists of the human reductive system.
  • Reproductive Surgeons: Reproductive surgeons are famous for surgeries. They are experts in surgical procedures. When reproductive Endocrinologists do not handle critical cases, they call reproductive surgeons to perform the surgery and save the patient and child. These doctors perform vasectomies, tubal ligations, fibroids, or endometriosis. They receive extra training in gynecology.

There are numerous cases to contact reproductive specialists:

  • If patients face regular miscarriages, they must visit Immunologist.
  • People interested in stopping birth control options like vasectomy or ligation can also go to a reproductive specialist.
  • Suppose a patient is 35 or above age and tries to conceive pregnancy from six months but did not achieve, or if you are younger and try to become pregnant and suffer from a year and above. Then you have to consult a reproduction specialist.
  • Suppose you have several risk factors during infertility like poor genetic conditions, sexually transmitted infections, and irregular cycles. You must contact reproductive endocrinologists.
  • Masses who are caused by cancer must meet with reproduction experts so that they can preserve their baby and get the proper required treatment.

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